Project R-12719


Remote Clinical Monitoring: Time for the next level (Research)


Digital Health was already an important development in the healthcare sector and growing component in the (healthcare) economy. Partly due to the COVID pandemic, this digital transformation has reached a tipping point in which rapid and innovative responses are crucial. To give Flanders, as an innovative region, every opportunity in this development, this project aims to develop and start up a "remote clinical monitoring center". This center is a high-performance infrastructure focused on demonstration, system development, testing and launch (TRL5-9) of digital health systems in the healthcare sector. The combination of an integrating data platform and a monitoring platform leverages application-oriented research and hybrid, value-driven and patient-centered care. In a 4-year trajectory, the center goes through a cycle of design and build within the regulatory framework, process optimization, infrastructure realization and validation. Also in the long term, the center - through its design as a data integrator - is a permanent lever for innovation.

Period of project

01 December 2021 - 31 October 2025