Project R-12479


"XR@work: Guidance trajectories to bring AR and VR technology to the workplace (Research)


Extended reality (XR) applications offer many opportunities for companies to increase their innovative power and their (future) workforce. These applications improve the understanding of the work, which promotes communication between the parties involved, reduces the number of errors and mistakes and enables better decisions. For example, the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modelling) enables construction companies to implement a workflow based on a digital model. This opens up wide new possibilities in different areas during the different phases of the construction process. One of the possibilities is to visualize this digital model by means of virtual or augmented reality. Digital work instructions, offered using a mixed reality solution in which physical and virtual objects exist simultaneously and interact via augmented reality and smart devices, offer a solution for a wide range of target groups in support of their daily tasks, ranging from "wet labs" over the food industry to the manufacturing industry. For these reasons, the coaching trajectory focuses on virtual and augmented reality for the visualization of 3D (BIM) models in light of design review and customer support, and on virtual and mixed reality with a view to support, training and retraining within the manufacturing, agri-food and biotech industry."

Period of project

01 November 2021 - 31 October 2023