Project R-12648


FWO WOG Process Mining - Expanding the horizon (Research)


The discipline that is targeted at discovering process-related knowledge, monitoring, and improving processes, starting from data is called process mining. During process execution, activities are registered. Starting from this type of logged information, process mining algorithms aim at discovering patterns or, in case a prescribing process description is available, identifying where procedures were not followed. The research field ties different research disciplines such as data mining and business process modelling and continues to grow as a field on its own. With its origins being situated at the beginning of this century, the process mining field is moving out of its infancy phase and is gradually becoming more mature. The scientific research network will lay the methodological foundation for process mining as a mature research discipline, move the focus from understanding existing processes towards intelligently shaping future processes, and expand process mining from a strict process notion to a more widely applicable behavioural notion.

Period of project

01 January 2022 - 31 December 2026