Project R-12652


Knowledge Graphs for Data Integration (Research)


Data integration is the task of providing a uniform way to access and query data from multiple heterogeneous data sources. Recently, the focus in data integration has shifted from an enterprise setting to an open data integration setting: data sources become more heterogeneous in format and origin, new data sources emerge frequently, vary widely in their domain, and the amount of data increases massively. In this context, knowledge graphs form both a target data model for flexibly representing integrated data, as well as an aid in the data integration processes, allowing machines to understand the content of the data and make it actionable. The construction, maintenance, and use of knowledge graphs for data integration is inherently multidisciplinary, spanning areas such as databases, knowledge representation, programming languages, and distributed systems. With this research network we aim to (i) support and encourage existing and new collaborations in these research areas; (ii) bridge traditional data integration research with that of open data integration with knowledge graphs in combination with insights from research on software languages and distributed systems; (iii) create and foster collaborations on fundamental research on methods, tools, and techniques for data integration with knowledge graphs; and (iv) strengthen Flanders' position for exchequer funding.

Period of project

01 January 2022 - 31 December 2026