Project R-13313


Rethink and reform education of medical doctors to enhance patient care in KINDU, through the renewal of the medical curriculum at the Faculty of Medicine at UNIKI (University of KINDU, DR Congo) (Education)


Access to affordable and adequately equipped medical facilities in Kindu is limited, resulting in poor patient care. Even if this actual poor situation is multifactorial and have a significant impact on the local population, providing an adapted curriculum for medical students to become generalists, specifically trained in treating efficiently most frequent diseases, could be the first step to improve the situation and have a significant impact for the local population. In this project, we propose (1) to renew the 1st cycle curriculum of medicine, on its content by also including applied practical's but also in its pedagogical approach towards a more integrated medicine, (2) to provide access to digital learning means by renewing the library and the anatomy laboratory and (3) to increase the number of permanent teaching staff holding a PhD. As such, capacity building, infrastructure and education of future medical doctors (i.e. generalists) will be improved, resulting in a better health care for the population of Kindu. This proposal is a follow-up project of a VLIR-UOS SI (SI 2020-01-52) ending in August 2022.

Period of project

01 September 2022 - 31 August 2027