Project R-13747


Flanders BioImaging: Leading Imaging Application Integrated Service and Enablement (FBI-LIAISE) (Research)


Flanders Bioimaging (FBI) is an inter-university consortium of advanced light microscopy and biomedical imaging core facilities conceived to integrate, optimize and coordinate the state-ofthe-art imaging infrastructure and expertise in Flanders. Its primary aim is to provide European research access to cutting-edge spearpoint imaging applications at each site via membership of EuroBioImaging, a landmark European Research Infrastructure Consortium. Relying on a track record of scientific collaboration and public-private partnerships, FBI will provide end-to-end solutions, supporting investigators with study design, novel modes of access (e.g., sample shipping, virtual microscopy…), development of novel imaging techniques, advanced image analysis, and training in all aspects from data collection to analysis and interpretation. Workflows developed within FBI comply with FAIR data management principles and internal quality control efforts assure standardized and reliable service. FBI will raise the efficiency of imaging infrastructure exploitation, accelerate technological development and consolidate the leading international position of Flanders in bio-imaging.

Period of project

01 January 2023 - 31 December 2026