Project R-13255


A Holistic Approach to Understand Networked Applications (Research)


Recent advancements within the speed and performance of access networks have caused applications to become more complex and have increased network requirements. The Quality of Experience can only be maintained if applications are optimized to satisfy these requirements. During analysis, which is required to find areas which can be optimized, the traditional layered model of applications and the network stack might cause an issue. It hides critical information from different layers, which makes it difficult to make cross-layer correlations. This project proposes a holistic approach, where logging information from all layers is aggregated into a holistic cross-layer image, which represents the application. Methods of analyzing this image will be researched, as well as improving this process by assisting the human analyzer or automating parts of it. These analyses can be used to investigate optimizations, specifically cross-layer optimizations, since cross-layer correlations will be facilitated by the analysis process. Network protocols can also be audited, and their implementations verified. Finally, the holisticcross-layer image can be used to perform and generate network simulations, which will aid analysis by providing realistic testing environments. The project will establish technologies and a framework towards facilitating a holistic approach of analyzing and optimizing a networked application.

Period of project

15 September 2022 - 15 September 2026