Project R-13804


IOF mandate PXL 2023-2026 (Research)


Within the AUHL's IOF policy as approved in 2019, the new type of 'IOF mandate project' was introduced. Within this project, a permanent IOF representative is appointed who is embedded decentral at an institute or faculty. For PXL University of Applied Sciences and in support of its domain policy plan research and more specifically the realization and further expansion of its valorization and services (overview of expertise within the spearheads, management of the innovation funnel, valorization possibilities, expansion of a network, ...) the IOF representative will operate centrally within PXL-Research and TTO of Hasselt University. And this as a permanent point of contact for the institutes and faculties within UHasselt on the one hand and as a permanent point of contact for the spearhead researchers within PXL-Research on the other

Period of project

01 September 2023 - 31 December 2025