Project R-1246


Molecular and cellular mechanisms of electrical excitability


Electrical potential differences accross the cell membrane result from the highly coordinated activity of ion channels. A good understanding of normal excitability relies on the knowledge of ion channel properties. The specific objectives of the collaboration between the different partners in this research project are: setting up common technology platforms, combining multiple levels of investigation, exchange of expertise and knowledge. The research activities are therefore organized in 5 work packages, each of them addressing specific research goals: - to define the molecular architecture and pharmacology of K+ channels and their role in excitability - to study and compare mechanisms of normal and abnormal pacemaking - to characterize the feedback on membrane excitability of secondary changes in [Ca2+]i - to study properties of ion channels and ionotropic receptors in cell-to-cell communication - to examine the plasticity of ion channel expression and function in normal and pathological conditions

Period of project

01 January 2007 - 31 March 2012