Project R-1440


Tournesol 2009: project T2009.20: Glycine system ans microglia in normal brain and Multiple Sclerosis (Research)


In this project we want to study the role of glycine in function of macrophages and microgliale cells in physiological conditions (development of inhiberedende neurotransmission) and in the pathological context (multiple sclerosis). This project consists of 2 parts: In a first part, we will use in vitro models (primary cultures and macrophage / microgliale cell lines) to study glycine and its targets (GlyR, GlyT, as well as synthesis and degradation enzymes) in macrophages and microgliale cells. Their effects on the function of these cells will also be studied (activation, production of free radicals, of cytokines or growth factors). In the second part, we will study the characterization of the glycine system in microgliale cells through an in vivo study. The role of the glycine system in the development and synaptogenese of inhibitory synapses will be studied in an ex vivo spinal cord model. The possible implication of glycine and its targets will also be examined in a model where the relationship between the immune system and nervous system is damaged (EAE, animal model of multiple sclerosis).

Period of project

01 January 2009 - 31 December 2009