Project R-2914


The OSMA Serious Game Engine for Games-Based Learning (Research)


The commercial multiplayer adventure game genre contains many interesting problem solving and cultural elements with an enormous potential for game-based learning. The challenge is to adapt this kind of gaming environments to the purposes of training and formal education. A good computer game of successful (training) simulation is not only characterized by the technological component but also by his game design and game art. Especially in serious games is the content, the development of an interesting game play, the storyline (scenarios) forms a major challenge. This project aims to drastically reduce the high development costs of sophisticated edutainment games by recycling, to create by one with guidelines documented Open Source, Multiplayer, Adventure (Osma) Serious Game Engine (SGE) for Game Based Learning. The open source approach to technology, but also in terms of content and process must ensure that especially SMEs to take a jumpstart in the development of this type of serious game.

Period of project

01 October 2009 - 30 September 2011