Project R-2268


Research into functional bicycle trips in Limburg - state of affairs of the bicycle trips, bicycle infrastructure and preconditions (Research)


The client aims at increasing the share of the functionale bicyle trips in the modal split of the people of the province of Limburg. To further optimally expand the livability and the mobility, the client wishes to execute an integrated bicycle policy, under the name 'Velodroom' with an increase of the number of functional bicycle trips as the main goal. In order to develop this integrated policy, the client wishes to carry out a baseline measurement of the current bicycle supply and use. This baseline measurement will be used as an instrument to test the developed policy and to adjust if needed, but also to get insight into the themes that need special attention. The client chooses not to include tourist bicycle trips. The following functional bicycle trips need to be researched: living-work, work-school, living-shopping and the so-called leisure trips. Leisure trips are purposeful trips in our leisure time, made with a bicycle such as visiting family, the library, theater, etc.

Period of project

15 December 2008 - 28 February 2010