Project R-2963


In the wheel of Odiel / From brush puller till cyclist, Phase 1


The main objective of this project is to strengthen the cooperation between the Brush and Shoe Museum in Izegem and the Cycle Museum in Roeselare and developing a genuine educational value of those collections and the underlying regional history to the specific target group of BSO and TSO education. This project will create an entirely different museum experience, taking into account that the museum walls are broken and boundaries between the different subjects are becoming blurred. The project is targeting the second and third stage BSO and TSO (15-18 year-olds). The project gives them the oppurtonity to, in their own way, get started with the material and the story around Odiel Defraeye. The project fits perfectly with the final objectives, learning objectives and skills. For this target group a unique and original application is developed. It is intended that the students will develop a game that then can be played in the two museums and / or along the channel. The students work in groups and will later exchange their 'games'. Through an information pack, compiled by two museums, they explore the live of Odiel Defraeye, cycling, brush and shoe industry and the history of the canal.

Period of project

01 May 2010 - 28 February 2011