Project R-3036


Jointly developping an innovative ecosystem in the province of Limburg (Research)


The overall objective of the project 'Joint development of an innovative ecosystem in the province of Limburg' is creating an environment where firms and university-colleges can work together so that mutual ideas get the opportunity to effectively grow to marketable products or services. To achieve this a holistic approach is needed in which the supervisors can work together to support and guide marketable initiatives and solutions to complex problems and this from the first phase of product development. Technology Transfer Hasselt University (TTU) and Innovation Centre Limburg (ICL) will therefore develop initiatives to create an environment for interaction between knowledge institutions, companies and other actors. These initiatives are situated in the areas of: 1) publications and events to promote the collaboration between knowledge institutions and companies 2) matchmaking business-research institution; 3) supervision of specific collaborations; 4) creation of new business; 5) internationalization.

Period of project

01 January 2011 - 30 June 2016