Project R-3173


Managing Islam in the workplace (Research)


Despite the heated societal debate on Islam and Islamic practices, and the fact that these topics pose important challenges in the workplace, such subjects have received little attention in the organizational literature on diversity which is dominated by US-based literature focusing on racial issues. This project aims to unpack Islam and Islamic practices in European organizations drawing on Belgian data. Specifically, the study aims to contribute to the existing literature by making empirical and theoretical contributions concerning: 1) how Islam and Islamic practices are managed in the workplace; 2) how diversity practices are aligned with HR principles and practices; 3) the role of line managers in managing Islam and Islamic practices; 4) how different Muslim and non-Muslim employees experience diversity practices managing Islam and Islamic practices. The study will use a multiple case study research design. Specifically, three case studies will be conducted in organizations located in Belgium known for their diversity policies and which employ a large number of employees with an Islamic background.

Period of project

01 September 2011 - 31 August 2014