Project R-2848


Marriage Migration in 3-D: Demystification through in-depth interview and dialogue. (Research)


Marriage migration in 3-D' is a multidimensional project. The aim of this project is to broaden the perception on Turkish and Moroccan marriage migration. Research shows that the migrant's desire to marry someone from the country of origin is strongly linked to the wish to protect one's own religious and cultural identity. In fact it is an opportunity to reconnect partly to the roots with the almost mythical homeland. The people in the country of origin, on the other hand, believe in the myth that marriage with an European based partner will bring them wealth, development and easily generated happiness. However, the same study shows that both partners suffer from the resulting disillusions, which often lead to relational and marital conflicts. The first 'D' represents Demystification; however, 'expansion of the conceptual framework' covers the aim of this research more thoroughly. The aim of this research is to reveal the process of individual choice within the specific micro and macro context in order to reframe the opinions regarding relations and marriage. Informed decision is based on facts and the awareness of assumptions, values, expectations and goals. We intend to achieve our target by observing and participating. The other D's of our project therefore represent Depth interview and Dialogue.

Period of project

01 January 2011 - 31 March 2012