Project R-3260


Francqui Chair awarded to Professor Robert Kloosterman of the University of Amsterdam (Research)


The Franquileerstoel 2012 held by Prof. Dr. Kloosterman (UvA) is about the theme of "entrepreneurship among ethnic minority communities." The chair consists of 4 lectures: 1. An inaugural lecture followed by panel (policy makers, other academics, entrepreneurs) titled "Migrant Entrepreneurs in changing cities: New round, new opportunities?" for the general public (03/08/2012) 2. A lecture course in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (2nd year master HI / BI) 3. A lecture course in the Family Businesses(2nd year master TEW / BM) 4. A keynote speech in the context of the BELGIAN Entrepreneurship Research Day 2012 held at the UHasselt "Mixed embeddedness as an analytical frame for research on (ethnic minority) entrepreneurship" for an academic audience (07/05/2012)

Period of project

01 October 2011 - 30 September 2012