Project R-4582


AIVIE: Augmented Immersive-Video-based Interactive Environments (Research)


The AIVIE project will introduce Augmented Immersive Video, a novel medium based on close integration of omni-directional/panoramic video content (collectively referred to as "Immersive Video") and computer graphics (CG). Potential applications of this technology are widespread, ranging from business-oriented (conferencing setups with increased telepresence, surveillance, real-estate brokerage, marketing ...) over engineering & scientific (large-scale data/information visualization methods, urban planning & decision making) to entertainment (edutainment, immersive games, novel TV show formats). The latter two are specifically targeted use cases for AIVIE and will be researched in detail. The envisaged outcome is two proof of concept demonstrators showing the viability of AIV in the chosen use case scenarios.

Period of project

01 January 2013 - 31 December 2014