Project R-4618


MAsters of Science in Architecture International Internship (Research)


In order to gain access to the profession, a master of science in architecture in Belgium is obliged by law to take an internship of 2 years. 6 months of this internship can be executed abroad. In society in general and in the field of architecture in specific, a growing need for international and intercultural competences can be witnessed. Therefore, the PHL wants to give its graduated Masters of science in architecture the opportunity to turn a part of this mandatory internship into an international work experience. A succesfull international internship will add clear value to their curriculum vitae; it proves their ability to take initiative and to cooperate, it shows their openness, flexibility and independentness. In return, PHL will get a better insight in the profiles required by the (international) labour market through these work experiences. From a practical, organizational point of view, the internships will take place in the legal framework that is provided by the national professional organization of architects, taking the LLP Leonardo Da Vinci PLM program prerequisites into account.

Period of project

01 June 2013 - 31 May 2015