Project R-5212


Towards a richer approach of work-life practices. A multiple stakeholder perspective. (Research)


Organizations around the globe increasingly offer work-life practices (e.g. telework, part-time work) to their employees. However, in many organizations, these practices remain largely underused and employees who make use of them do not always experience the expected positive effects. The current literature is insufficient to explain these observations. Our project aims to advance this research by (1) applying a multi-stakeholder perspective and (2) integrating antecedent and outcome models. Concerning (1), we include the concerns of two major though largely understudied stakeholders, i.e. the employee's spouse and his/her supervisor, and look at their concerns from a career and a work-design perspective, respectively. As to (2), we do not only examine antecedent and outcome models of work-life practice utilization separately, we also develop and test several integrated models. We define 8 objectives, which will be addressed through a mixed-method study, combining two field studies (i.e. an exploratory interview study and a longitudinal multilevel survey study) and two experimental vignette studies. The output of the project will be 8 international, peer-reviewed articles and 2 PhDs.

Period of project

01 January 2014 - 04 June 2021