Doctoral disciplines

Doctoral disciplines

At Hasselt University or the transnational University of Limburg (tUL) you can obtain the degree of doctor in the disciplines listed below.

Within the authority of UHasselt:

  • Doctor of Architecture
  • Doctor of Audiovisual and Visual Arts
  • Doctor of Engineering Technology
  • Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • Doctor of Nursing Science
  • Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Occupational Therapy
  • Doctor of Business Economics
  • Doctor of Transportation Sciences
  • Doctor of Social Sciences
  • Doctor of Tourism
  • Doctor of Sciences
  • Doctor of Sciences: Biology
  • Doctor of Sciences: Chemistry
  • Doctor of Sciences: Physics
  • Doctor of Sciences: Materiomics
  • Doctor of Sciences: Mathematics
  • Doctor of Sciences: Statistics

Within the authority of tUL:

  • Doctor of Biomedical Sciences
  • Doctor of Educational Sciences
  • Doctor of Law
  • Doctor of Sciences: Information Technology

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UHasselt - tUL

What does 'tUL' entail?

tUL stands for the ‘transnational University Limburg’. This is a unique collaboration between two universities in two countries: Hasselt University and Maastricht University. In this way, the tUL is an extraordinary example of the internationalisation of higher education in Europe. After all, the tUL organises research and education at two campuses in two different Member States.

UHasselt - tUL: What's the difference?

If you do your PhD at UHasselt, then UHasselt will grant you a PhD. For some fields of study, UHasselt can only enter into a PhD through a partnership with Maastricht University, known as the ‘transnational University Limburg’.