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Personal data  Ann CUYPERS

Name:Prof. dr. Ann CUYPERS
Function:Gewoon Hoogleraar
Responsibilities: voorzitter OMT biologie
secretaris Examencommissie bachelor biologie
Telephone :+32-11-268326
Room nr.:D150
Faculty: Faculty of Sciences
Discipline group: Biology - Geology
Research group(s): Environmental Biology
Research institute: Member Research Institute: Centre for Environmental Sciences
Address:Campus Diepenbeek
Agoralaan Gebouw D
BE 3590 Diepenbeek
Education 2019-2020  
course unit function
Cellular Toxicology(3129) Coordinating lecturer
Experimental Design in Environmental Health Sciences(3961) Member of the teaching team
Experimental design in life sciences: molecular mechanisms in health and disease/molecular mechanisms in toxicology(1450) Member of the teaching team
From metabolism to systems biology(2923) Coordinating lecturer
Genetics(0623) Coordinating lecturer
Genetics and genomics(3410) Member of the teaching team
Genetics, Evolution and the Tree of Life(2921) Co-lecturer
International interdisciplinary project(4009) Coordinating lecturer
International School(4119) Coordinating lecturer
Junior internship(4011) Co-lecturer
Junior practical training(2093) Co-lecturer
Master thesis(2095) Co-lecturer
Master thesis(3403) Co-lecturer
Master's thesis(4152) Co-lecturer
Master's thesis honours programme: report and defense(4220) Co-lecturer
Master's thesis honours programme: report and defense(4268) Co-lecturer
Master's thesis: report and defense(4151) Co-lecturer
Metabolism(3622) Co-lecturer
Morfology and Physiology of the higher plants(3120) Co-lecturer
Multidisciplinary biomedical research(3747) Co-lecturer
Research training(3402) Co-lecturer
Research Training(2094) Co-lecturer
Senior internship(4153) Co-lecturer
Senior internship(4154) Co-lecturer
Senior internship: honours programme(4218) Co-lecturer
Senior internship: honours programme(4267) Co-lecturer
Toxicology(3626) Co-lecturer


Member Environmental Biology
List of projects 


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