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Master of Biomedical Sciences

Master of Biomedical Sciences

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This unique master degree programme in Belgium focuses on a novel and interdisciplinary scientific domain at the boundaries between physics, chemistry, electronics, and biomedical sciences.

Fifty years ago, shortly after J. Watson and F. Crick successfully solved the structure of DNA using X-ray diffraction, R. Feynman made his visionary statement: “There’s plenty of room at the bottom”, with which he effectively heralded the new era of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Since that time, research into “functional” molecules and nanomaterials has developed into one of the most important scientific disciplines of today. This is triggered by the fact that a broad range of advanced techniques with high precision has become available to study molecules directly at their own length scale and to understand their complex properties. The interdisciplinary master programme offers a strong foundation in all fundamental scientific aspects and covers several applied concepts in materials science. This specialization provides an introduction to various advanced physical and chemical techniques in addition to an in depth introduction into several important application areas. Topics range from integrated detection and characterization techniques for molecules (biosensors) to the nanoscale engineering of implant materials, the working principles of medical devices like neurochips and pacemakers, and the development of nano(bio) materials for diagnosis and therapy (nanomedicine).

The curriculum of this programme was jointly developed by physicists, chemists, clinical and biomedical researchers, and engineers specialized in biomedical fields. The programme ensures therefore a broad overview of the domain of bioelectronics and nanotechnology and enables the graduates to develop their individual skills for a successful career in interdisciplinary research- and development environments.

Strengths of the programme @UHasselt

  • The programme is strongly research-oriented with focus on fundamental research and dissemination of scientific findings
  • You are trained in several specialized research domains with focus on scientific English
  • The programme offers two internships for a total of 60 ECTS credits
  • Topics for internships are available at top-level research groups at Hasselt University, Maastricht University or at other locations in Belgium and abroad (within ERASMUS programme together with universities in e.g. Italy, Finland, Spain, England and Germany)
  • You are trained in writing a grant proposal as a preparation of the senior internship
  • The programme strongly emphasizes lifelong learning and employability skills such as communication (writing and presenting), critical attitude, working in team
  • The programme is based on student-centered education: small groups, individual guidance and feedback, ‘face-toface’ education
  • You have the opportunity to present your research findings in an international conference environment
  • The programme has an international and multidisciplinary orientation

Programme coordinator
Prof. Dr Anitha Ethirajan