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Applied Research Unit

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The Business Informatics Applied Research Unit is a dedicated team of researchers whose goal is to disseminate our expertise in data analytics, business process management and machine learning to a larger audience. 

The job of many employees consists of entering a considerable amount of data into all kinds of information systems. This is often seen as a repetitive, not very productive task that is just an administrative, bureaucratic necessity. 

We, the Business informatics research group at Hasselt University, find this particularly unfortunate. This data contains a wealth of information that can give your company an important competitive advantage. We see it as our task to create awareness about the possibilities and added value of data and we want to enable you to realize the potential of data within your company.

Our focus in this endeavour goes to SMEs in particular. Building on our year long expertise in data modelling, data mining, process management and process mining, we provide our partners with a strong scientific foundation and academic independence. We provide our partners with two services. Firstly, through various training programs we supply our partners with the required knowledge and skills to improve their operations. Secondly, by way of projects we work together with you from problem to solution. Different project formulas with regards to duration and budget are available.