Business Informatics (BINF)

The Research Group Business Informatics (BINF) conducts research to support businesses and organizations in decision-making. We do this by modeling data, information, and knowledge. Our research focus points are Behavioral Analytics, Digital Auditing, Explainable AI and Process Analytics in Healthcare.

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Upcoming events

05 Jul

Explanations come with reasoning: Symbolic explanation module for black-box classifiers

05 July 2022 12.00 - 13.30 h CEST Hasselt University - Room A5

Our focus

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Audit Analytics with a View

‘Audit Analytics with a View’ investigates how future audit engagements can be executed in a semi-automated way. The ultimate endgame is an audit firm where the auditor can fully devote its energy to exercising expert knowledge.

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Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics concerns all data produced by a system describing events that occur over time within that system.

Digitally Transforming Healthcare Lifecycle

Process Analytics in Healthcare

The research line process analytics in healthcare develops methods and techniques which support healthcare organizations to gather data-driven insights in their processes. 

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Explainable AI

Explainable AI refers to the development of intelligent systems able to provide high-quality, transparent solutions. 

X Researching Together

The Applied Research Unit (BIARU)

The Business Informatics Applied Research Unit is a dedicated team of researchers whose goal is to disseminate our expertise in data analytics, business process management and machine learning to a larger audience.
Our focus in this endeavor goes to SMEs in particular. Building on our year-long expertise in data modeling, data mining, process management, and process mining, we provide our partners with a strong scientific foundation and academic independence. We provide our partners with two services. Firstly, through various training programs, we supply our partners with the required knowledge and skills to improve their operations. Secondly, by way of projects, we work together with you from problem to solution. Different project formulas with regard to duration and budget are available.
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Collaborate with us

We are always actively looking for partnerships with businesses and institutions that face challenges in the field of data analysis and event analytics. Different types of collaborations are possible
Short-term projects, like student internships and master theses
Long-term projects, like R&D projects and PhD theses
Applied research collaborations