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Short-term Collaboration

Student Internship

Internships are the most intensive educational cooperation between a company and a student. An internship is a unique learning moment for a student and a perfect opportunity for the company to be inspired. An interesting professional case can be scientifically analysed by the student. The internship is performed during the second master year. More information can be found here (in dutch). Call for projects in May.

Research & Innovation projects

Anything from a demo, prototype up to the development of a Minimum Viable Data Product. Executed by a team of academic researchers. Can be requested at any time and execution can typically start quickly after request.

For short-term projects (a few months) the VLAIO (Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen) provides a platform for funding and advising research and innovation projects.

Master thesis

Master theses comprise a medium-term research project (typically 1.5 years) to a management problem. Academic literature with respect to the management problem is analysed, followed by an empirical study that provides a scientifically supported solution to the management problem. 12 - 20 weeks of work under academic advisory. Call for topics is in February.

Long-term Collaboration

Long-term R&D projects, researching new technologies in the context of your specific organisation. Important is that these projects focus on innovation which still has some related uncertainties and require research to validate some prior hypothesis. PhD Student dedicated to project active on-premise, under academic supervision.

For long-term projects (3 to 4 years) the VLAIO provides grants for projects with junior researchers as well as senior researchers

Strategic Partnerships

If you would like to support our research, but you do not have any collaboration project, you can support us by donating university funds and scholarships. For more information on donations, please contact our University Fund Coordinator Piet van de Broek.


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