Campus Diepenbeek

By bike

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The surroundings of Campus Diepenbeek are very bike-friendly. You can reach the Campus safely and pleasantly via bicycle paths that safely wind their way through fields. Bicycle sheds are provided at various locations on the campus. The two largest publicly accessible covered bicycle sheds are located in front of the main entrance of Building D and at the entrance of Building E.

For bicycle repairs and rental, students can use VEDO on the Elfdelinie Campus in Hasselt (Elfdeliniestraat 23, Building F - Studententoren) or on Campus Diepenbeek (Building D).

By public transport

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  • By rail

    You can reach Campus Diepenbeek by travelling to Diepenbeek, Hasselt or Genk railway station and then taking a bus to the campus. More information can be found on the website of the National Railway Company of Belgium:

  • By bus

    You can reach Campus Diepenbeek via Lines 45, 20A, 36, 11 and 453. There are two bus stops on the campus: ‘Universiteit’ near the main building (Building D and Building E) and ‘Agoralaan’ near Building C (BIOMED).

    A bus departs from Hasselt station to the campus at least every 15 minutes: Line 45 towards Maastricht or Maaseik, Line 20A towards Maastricht, Line 11 towards Maaseik or Line 36 Genk via Diepenbeek.

    From Genk station, a Line 45 bus departs to the campus every 30 minutes.

    From Diepenbeek station, Line 453 departs to the campus every hour.

    More information can be obtained from De Lijn Info on +32 70 220 200 (0.30 euros per minute), the Lijnwinkel stores or There is an information office on Hasselt station’s main square.

    Real-time information on the Diepenbeek Universiteit stop

Students receive a contribution to the cost of their rail and bus travel pass, and the campus pass gives them unlimited travel in the Hasselt and Diepenbeek regions.

By car

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Hasselt University has resolutely opted for a sustainable mobility policy. Therefore, we recommend that you travel by bike or public transport as much as possible. If you have no other option, Campus Diepenbeek can be reached by car via the N702 from Hasselt or Genk or via Ginderoverstraat from Diepenbeek. Parking is available on the campus.


Campus Diepenbeek is accessible to everyone and has adapted facilities for people with disabilities: there are separate parking spaces at the entrance of each building and a special sloping entrance (without stairs). There is a wheelchair available and each floor is accessible by lift.

Campus Diepenbeek

Tel. no. +32 11 26 81 11 Visiting address

Agoralaan gebouw D

3590 Diepenbeek

Opening hours

Building D reception is open on:

Weekdays: 8.00 to 17.00

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

From July 10th until August 26th the reception will close at 16.00.

Building D is accessible on:

Weekdays: 7.00 to 22.00 (From July 10th until August 26th open until 21.00)

Saturday: 7.30 to 18.00 (From July 10th until August 26th open until 15.00)

Sunday: Closed

Maps of Campus Diepenbeek

Map of Campus Diepenbeek

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Location of buildings on campus

Detailed plan of classrooms in Building D