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24 03 25 Uitreiking Future Proef Award 002
26 Mar

Winners of the Future Proef Award UHasselt 2023

In March 2024, the first presentation of the Future Proef Award UHasselt 2023 took place. This award honors three master's theses that seek a sustainable answer to or encourage sustainable thinking about a sustainability challenge facing our society.

Duurzame Week 1
21 Apr

Sustainable Week UHasselt 8-11 mei

UHasselt's Green Office looks back with pride on its first sustainable week May 8-11. Find out more about our program here.

Reis Sander Stockholm Duurzaam Reisbeleid
18 Apr

Sustainable travel policy: a necessity according to Green Officer Sander

Green Officer Sander is in his second BA architecture and reflects on the future of flying during his 21-hour trip on a study tour to Stockholm. "Even when governments make flying less attractive, and alternatives better and cheaper, we have to do our part by actually flying less often, or quitting. Already now, not only when tickets become more expensive."

UHasselt is taking steps toward a more sustainable travel policy.

Uhasselt Competentiekader
07 Nov

Every student develops sustainability competencies at UHasselt

UHasselt wants to encourage students to commit to sustainability during their studies and after graduation. Therefore, we are committed to an educational learning environment in which students can develop sustainability competencies and a sustainable mindset. These sustainability competencies are part of the institution-wide UHasselt competency framework. Through this UHasselt competency framework, we encourage students not only to acquire knowledge about sustainability, but also to become proficient in dealing with sustainability challenges. More information can be found in the Educational Policy Plan 2022-2029.

Green Office 07 Klein
24 Aug

Green Office UHasselt welcomes first students

'I was already on the scouts' eco-team and try to shop second-hand or in sustainable, local clothing stores. Furthermore, I also went to Prague by train on Erasmus. So I totally enjoy working with other students around sustainability.' indicates Tine. She wants - in addition to launching the Green Office - to make vegan and veggie more accessible to students. Mira adds: 'At the Green Office, you're making a commitment to our planet, but you're also learning something in the meantime. We will set up fun activities, but also weigh in on university policies. I personally would like to drastically reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles on