Student participation

Student participation: what’s it for?

As a student, do you too have a say about how the university is run? Absolutely! Your fresh ideas and critical reflections are very welcome in the various decision-making and advisory bodies.

The interaction among students, between students and lecturers and between students and the institution is a defining characteristic of Hasselt University. Your participation as a student can range from the level of your programme to the level of a decision by the Board of Governors.

Your voice on education therefore counts and makes an important contribution to the quality of education @UHasselt.

Would you like to know more about the quality of your programme or how Hasselt University ensures the quality of its education? Click through to this web page.

How can you make your voice heard?

About education at PROGRAMME level

Through the Education Management Team (EMT)

The EMT is responsible for the quality, organisation and content of the programme, covering issues of all sizes: smaller (e.g. changes to the names of programme components, organisation of exams/evaluation activities), medium (e.g. follow-up on action points from evaluation meetings, alumni or employer surveys) and larger (e.g. reform of the bachelor curriculum, preparation of a multi-year strategy plan for the entire programme, etc.).

Students have 1/3 of all the votes on these matters.

Your insights and the experiences you have gained within your programme help the EMT to assess decisions in advance against the views of students, but also to evaluate them afterwards on the basis of your concrete experience as a student.

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Through evaluation meetings

These are held about halfway through the education period.

For each programme component, you and your fellow-students can give feedback about the education: how are the classes going so far? Is the content, the study material, the evaluation and so on clear? Is the study load right? Small problems or ambiguities can be resolved or clarified in this way during the academic year itself.

You can exchange ideas with the lecturers and programme organisers about challenges, but also about good practices in order to jointly improve the education in your programme and at Hasselt University.

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Through education surveys

Every six months or every year, each programme conducts educational surveys about individual programme components, about the programme as a whole and about the teaching behaviour of your lecturers. You will receive an invitation to complete these questionnaires in your Hasselt University mailbox.

At the INSTITUTION level

This is where the Student Council (StuRa) comes in, because StuRa organises and coordinates student participation at institutional level.

Student representatives from all programmes and faculties sit on StuRa. This allows StuRa to adopt a widely supported position on education, student facilities, communication, well-being, mobility, etc.

The student representatives hold regular consultations and ensure that the voice of students at Hasselt University is heard across the various councils and boards (see above).

Would you like to know more? Click through to the StuRa website.

In close consultation with StuRa, Hasselt University has drawn up a student participation policy (pdf, 146 KB). In this policy you will find more information about the role of the student representative, the organisation and composition of the student council and our approach to student involvement.

What can you do?

Like to become a student rep?

And participate in the meetings of the education management teams (EMTs) or evaluation meetings?

Get in touch at

Like to become a member of StuRa?

And represent and advocate the views of all students within the university?

Then take a look at the StuRa website or its Facebook page.

Get in touch at


Do you still have any questions or comments about education or student participation?

Contact StuRa, your faculty coordinator (list below) or your student representative on the EMT.

List of faculty coordinators 2021-2022:


Faculty coordinator

ARK (Architecture and Art)

BEW (Business Economics)

GLW (Medicine and Life Sciences)

IIW (Engineering Technology)

SvM (Transportation Sciences)

REC (Law)

RWS (Rehabilitation Sciences)

WET (Sciences)

SES (Educational Studies)