Pears In The Ecotron
11 Sep

Kunnen we in 2040 nog peren telen in Limburg?

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01 Aug

A new PhD student joins the Ecotron Team

29 Jun

New student joins Ecotron team

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14 Jun

Fungi store a third of carbon from fossil fuel emissions and could be essential to reaching net zero

Valerie Trouet
02 May

Valérie Trouet visits our Field Research Centre and Ecotron

Nadia Ecotron
02 May

Our natural capital: white paper is out!

News Nadia
11 Apr

The diversity of present tree species is shaped by climate change in the last 21,000 years

A new global survey of 1000 forest areas shows how past climate change has had a major impact on the diversity and distribution of tree species we see today.  The results can help us predict how ecosystems will react to future changes, thus having an impact on conservation management around the globe.

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23 Jan

Centre for Environmental Sciences celebrates 25th anniversary with honorary doctorate to biodiversity expert Anne Larigauderie

17 Jan

Perenbomen in klimaatkoepels UHasselt tonen de toekomst van fruitteelt

Nier Su
16 Dec

New student joined Ecotron Team

Nadia Ecotron
08 Oct

Purple heath as the latest weapon against climate change!

04 Aug

New international partnership with Peruvian and Canadian Field Stations