FME Talk by Margreet de Kok

21 May 2024
16:00 - 17:00
Online and Campus Diepenbeek Building D Auditorium H1

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Printed electronics: technology, applications and sustainability considerations

Holst Centre is developing printed electronics which amongst others have a clear potential in free form factors. This allows to serve applications in which thin, flexible and even stretchable electronic functionalities like sensors and actuators have an advantage. Integration into textile for vital signs, into surfaces for automotive dashboards become possible with printed electronics that can be manufactures in a cost effective way. Compared to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology printed electronics technology has the disadvantage of limited conductivity of the printed circuitry disqualifying for high power applications like driving high luminance LEDs. Printing electronics is an additive technology and in comparison with subtractive lithography as applied in PCB this is not only more cost effective but also material and resource wise less demanding. Sustainability of electronics is becoming a more relevant topic as e-waste is becoming a societal challenge with an ever increasing amount of waste produced. Technology to manufacture in a more sustainable way on more sustainable materials even allowing recycling of valuable materials is needed and also being developed by Holst Centre.

About the speaker

Margreet dK

"I did my PhD in organic polymer chemistry in Hasselt/Diepenbeek in the group of Dirk Vanderzande on electroluminescent polymers.

I started my career at Philips Research on materials and applications of Polymer OLEDs.

After 10 years I joint TNO for research and development of different functionalities and applications of printed electronics: stretchable, wearable, structural form factors serving automotive, textile, health care applications.

Current field of interest comprises sustainability of electronics so I would like to discuss about possible contributions from research of materials to deliver more sustainable materials and applications."

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