PODCAST: imo-imomec professors talk about QRM4.0 (dutch)

Get to know more about imo-imomec and our link with people-oriented process innovation (Quick Response Manufacturing -QRM) and innovative digital technologies (Industry 4.0) in this podcast miniseries. With dr. Jorne Carolus, prof. dr. Michaël Daenen, prod. dr. Wim Deferme, and prof. dr. Wouter Marchal. Moderated by Ronald Scheer.

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Listen to the podcast miniseries

The activities of imo-imomec linked to people-oriented process innovation (Quick Response Manufacturing -QRM) and innovative digital technologies (Industry 4.0) is brought to you in a miniseries of 4 episodes. First, dr. Jorne Carolus will give a general overview of the activities of the Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec). In the second episode, prof. dr. Michaël Daenen will talk about the importance of QRM and industry 4.0 in the domain of integrated solar panels. In the third episode, prof. dr. Wim Deferme will take you through the process of scaling up fundamental printing and coating research towards industry-compatible processes. Finally, prof. dr. Wouter Marchal talks about the importance and possibilities of making industrial processes QRM and industry 4.0 proof by means of analytical analyses.

  1. Click here to listen to dr. Jorne Carolus introducing imo-imomec (dutch).
  2. Click here to listen to prof. dr. Michaël Daenen on automated solar integration (dutch).
  3. Click here to listen to prof. dr. Wim Deferme on upscaling printing and coating techniques (dutch).
  4. Click here to listen to prof. dr. Wouter Marchal on analytical analyses for industry (dutch).

About Interreg EMR QRM4.0

Customers expect fast delivery times and fully customized products. This forces SMEs to renew their production processes. Shortening lead times requires people-oriented process innovation (“Quick Response Manufacturing”) and innovative digital technologies (“Industry 4.0”). The QRM4.0 project is being carried out within the context of Interreg V-A Euregio MeuseRhine, with 1.68M euro from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO).

QRM4.0 supports SMEs in this Quick Response Manufacturing process through coaching, training and sharing expertise and best practices. The participating companies will receive concrete know-how and gain knowledge through practical workshops, company visits, demonstrations and interactions with innovation leaders. Via a voucher system, companies receive support and coaching to transform and digitize their production process. A network of SME manufacturers and IT service providers serves as a learning platform for exchanging best practices.

The project aims to support the small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine in this process as follows:

  • Inform and inspire: knowledge about QRM (how to form self-managing teams, involve the operators in the production-innovation processes) and innovative digital technologies (how to connect production machines, extract and visualize production data in a dashboard) to shorten the lead times, is transferred to the SMEs through hands-on technology sheets and inspiring testimonials, visits to industry leaders, hands-on demonstrators and workshops.
  • Training, coaching and support: small and medium-sized manufacturing companies can start an individual use case (with the support of a subsidized voucher) to digitize their production, with training and coaching of the project partnership.
  • Exchange of best practices: A learning network around shorter turnaround times allows small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and IT solution providers to share their experiences, learn from each other and evaluate the opportunities for professional collaboration.


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