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Algemeen Beeld Imo 10 8 2021 (1) Algemeen Beeld Imo 10 8 2021 (1)
OSCAR QUBE Lanceringsevent
10 Jul

Ariane 6 rocket launches Hasselt University technology OSCAR-QUBE+ into space

17 Jun

Solar energy from Limburg in the spotlight during Prince's Mission to Norway

Aslihan H. BABAYIGIT 004
17 May

UHasselt researcher Aslihan Babayigit selected for summit with Nobel laureates

Detail Zonnecel 2 1
16 May

New English-language master's around energy

Groepsfoto SBDD 2024
08 Mar

Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2024 - SBDD XXVIII

The Hasselt Diamond Workshop is a renowned annual gathering for diamond technology researchers globally. Read a short recap of the last edition here.

26 Oct

Innoptus Solar Team wins Solar Challenge for second time

The Belgian team has again won the Solar Challenge, the unofficial World Solar Car Championship in Australia. "I am very proud," says professor Bart Vermang of UHasselt, who's research team helped select and laminate the solar cells on the panel of the Belgian car.

Prof. Dr. Wouter Maes Dr. Jochen Vanderspikken
19 Oct

Research reveals perfect foundation for organic semiconductors in solar cells and smartwatches

New research from the materials chemistry research group at imo-imomec offers, for the first time, insights into how defects occur in conjugated polymers. Polymers are sustainable materials with many potential applications, including use in flexible solar cells, sensors, and smartwatches.

IMO Shoot 2021 23
02 Oct

Meet our new postdoctoral researchers

Every year we can count on the support of FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders) to conduct outstanding research. Thanks to this support, the following colleagues will start their Post-Doc from October 2023 onwards.

Koen Vandewal en Bernhard Siegmund
25 Sep

European research grant of €150,000 brings new, cheaper infrared cameras and detectors closer

The research group of Prof. Dr. Koen Vandewal (imo-imomec UHasselt) has received a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to develop new and cheaper types of infrared detectors and infrared cameras.

Koen Vandewal Bernhard Siegmund Yuming Wang 2
07 Aug

A boost for organic solar cells: New material guidelines promise higher efficiencies

A new large-scale study of ten institutes in Europe and China, including researchers from imo-imomec and EnergyVille, sheds light on the operating principle and optimization of organic solar cells, based on multiple polymeric and molecular light-absorbing materials.

Directeuren En Decanen Wissel 008
01 Sep

New captain on board

It must be hard to take over a captain’s duties who never leaves his ship. And that captain is Prof. Dr. Dirk Vanderzande, who for many years has managed to steer the research institute imo-imomec through calm waters and perhaps even turbulent storms. Among other things, in 1988 he was present at the inauguration of the first computer purchased at the research institute. So this man has seen a lot of tides.

Paul Henry Denis En Martijn Mertens 05 (1)
02 Mar

Promising step in perovskite solar cells

Researchers at imo-imomec (imec/UHasselt), within the EnergyVille collaboration, have succeeded in integrating organic building blocks into perovskite solar cells, significantly improving both the thermal and moisture stability of the material.