Upon arrival

Reception at UHasselt – Introductory Days

At the start of each semester, UHasselt organizes orientation days for international students to help them find their way around the university. International students get information about administrative procedures, the electronic learning environment, insurances, Belgian culture, student associations, bicycle rental etc. It is also the ideal way to get to know other (international) students.

* The introductory days of the first semester take place annually during the second week of September.

* The introductory day of the second semester is being held annually on the second Monday of February.

Being present at these introductory days is compulsory!

Intensive Dutch course

More information about the Dutch course can be found online.

Residence Permit

You must make an appointment at the Population Department of your place of residence within eight days of your arrival.

If you will be staying in Belgium for less than 3 months

If you stay in Belgium for less than three months, you do not need a residence permit. If you are not staying in a hotel, youth hostel or pension, you must register yourself at the Population Department ( Immigration Department) at your place of residence:

  • EU citizens must apply for a declaration of presence (annex 3ter)
  • Non-EU citizens must apply for a declaration of arrival (annex 3). The date of departure is mentioned on the declaration of arrival. This is the date when you have to leave Belgium

In case you will stay longer than 3 months in Belgium

All foreign students, including those living in the EU, have to register themselves at the service foreign affairs in case they stay longer than 3 months in Belgium.

Students have to make an appointment at the local authority of their place of residency. This has to be done within 8 days after their arrival. In this way both a registration in the immigration register and a residence permit can be applied for.

Erasmus students will get an annex 33, regardless if they stay less or more than 3 months.

Population Department of the municipality Diepenbeek

Population Department of the city Hasselt

Bank Account

During your stay at UHasselt as a foreign student, it is advisable to open a Belgian bank account. Kindly refer to the bank branches in Diepenbeek and Hasselt.

National Health Service

Who has to join a health insurance fund?

When you stay longer than 3 months in Belgium, you are obligated to join a Belgian health insurance fund or the Belgian social security (“Hulpkas”) for health-disablement insurances (HZIV).

An employee of the health insurance fund “CM” (Christelijke Mutualiteit), will present their services. This will be during the introductory days.

After your registration you will receive an identification number (National Registry Number (Rijksregisternummer)) and identification labels. You will need these in a hospital and when you buy medicines at the pharmacy. Please keep them safe!

HZIV is a public service and offers only the compulsory health insurance.


When you join a health insurance fund, you have to pay a health insurance contribution. This amount fluctuates, depending on the health service fund you’ve joined. In addition to the compulsory health insurance, you will also receive additional benefits, compensations and services: e.g. for vaccines, lenses, correction glasses, personal alarm systems, logopaedics, orthodontics, transport by ambulance, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, implants, hospital admissions, vaccinations, membership in a sports club, births, adoptions, dental care, youth vacations and health care stays. In addition, you will also receive assistance abroad, you can make use of a home care service, home education for sick children and medical equipment.

Please contact HZIV or one of the available health insurance funds. You are entitled to choose an insurance company. The contribution you pay for a health insurance fund may vary slightly, but there are only very slight differences.