Exchange programme 2021-2022 Bachelor Biomedical sciences (Erasmus a.o.)

Bachelor students are welcome for exchange in the 2nd semester (Q3/Q4) and select courses from the list below. 
All courses are offered in English.

CodeSubject second semesterECTSQuartileLevel
3747Multidisciplinary biomedical research73Bachelor course
3748Bachelor project*93 or 4Bachelor course
3736Training English for biomedical students33-4Bachelor course
3980Milestone papers in biomedical research44Master course
3978Regenerative medicine44Master course
3979Advanced Light Microscopy44Master course
3960Nanomedicine44Master course
2263Functional polymers for advanced applications34Master course
1995Environmental ethics34Master course
2255Bioindicators34Master course
1994Environmental Chemistry34Master course
4566Lipids in health & disease33Master course
4418Interdisciplinary Program in Healthcare Innovation53Master course
4417The impact of nutrition and lifestyle on immunity and disease44Master course

*When choosing 'Bachelor project', it is compulsory to combine it with 'Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research' (3747). Bachelor project can be taken either in quartile 3 or quartile 4.

More information: Mrs. Ilse Broekx and Prof. dr. Niels Hellings

You can find the complete study programme here:

bachelor's programme

master's programme