Exchange programme 2021-2022 Master Engineering Technology (Erasmus a.o.)

In cooperation with KU Leuven

Please note that the available courses might be subject to change. The final study guide will be updated by 30th June, for the academic year afterwards. Changes to your learning agreement are allowed until one month after arrival at our institution.

Because of major curriculum changes in our master programmes, there are a number of new course units. The detailed information of these course units will be available at the end of May. In the meantime, you can always contact the departmental coordinator for more information.

Academic calendar

Detailed academic calendar of the Faculty of Engineering Technology

Autumn semester | mid September - beginning February (exam period: January-February)

Spring semester | mid February - end June (exam period: June)

2nd examination opportunity | August - September

General information

All courses are taught in English, except for:

1| Course units marked with * are projects with individual coaching in English. The topic of the project is determined in advance based on your interests and background, and the research areas of the respective master programme. The size of the project can also vary (9, 20, 30 ECTS). In this way, you have a wide range of possibilities to compose your personal study programme. These courses can only be taken once in your programme.

2| Courses marked with ** are projects with a few classes in Dutch, study material and project guidance in English.


1| All courses are elective.

2| Combining course units from the different exchange programmes of the Master of Engineering Technology is possible but not recommended because timetable clashes may occur. This implies that a choice must be made. Students cannot be admitted to courses whose classes they cannot attend.

3| Exchange students who are native speakers of Dutch or have an excellent knowledge of Dutch and meet all requirements for participation in master courses of the Dutch programmes Engineering Technology, may do so. Outlines from the Dutch courses can be obtained from the study guide, fully updated by June 30th.

4| Read also the general procedure for study programme.

Master of Chemical Engineering Technology

4471Advanced reactor engineering4
4474New strategies for process control4
4473Design and analysis of sustainable polymer systems4
3474Fundamentals of battery engineering4
4311Physical chemistry and rheology3
4526Master project chemical engineering technology*99
4526Master project chemical engineering technology*2020
4526Master project chemical engineering technology*3030

Master of Civil Engineering Technology 

2934Innovations in concrete**3
4522Project stability**6
4521Pavement design and sustainability3
4524Advances in timber engineering3
2933Structural mechanics 3**3
4545Master project civil engineering technology*99
4545Master project civil engineering technology*2020
4545Master project civil engineering technology*3030

Master of Electromechanical Engineering Technology

2708Robotics & sensor technology4
4536Material selection and forming processes5
4483Machine learning5
4539Industrial design of polymer products4
4485Innovation in materials technology4
2722Mechatronics project**4
4547Master project electromechanical engineering technology*99
4547Master project electromechanical engineering technology*2020
4547Master project electromechanical engineering technology*3030

Master of Electronics-ICT Engineering Technology

3470Coding theory and cryptology4
3474Fundamentals of battery engineering4
3467Chip Design and Verification4
4483Machine learning5
3466Advanced analog design4
3468HW/SW co-design4
4485Innovation in materials technology4
2722Mechatronics project**4
4525Master project electronics and ICT engineering technology*99
4525Master project electronics and ICT engineering technology*2020
4525Master project electronics and ICT engineering technology*3030

Master of Energy Engineering Technology

4531Power electronics4
4532Novel technologies for the energy transition4
3474Fundamentals of battery engineering4
4483Machine learning5
4485Innovation in materials technology4
4548Master project energy engineering technology*99
4548Master project energy engineering technology*2020
4548Master project energy engineering technology*3030

Master of Nuclear Engineering Technology

4287Radiotherapy and dosimetry4
4546Master project nuclear engineering technology*99
4546Master project nuclear engineering technology*2020
4546Master project nuclear engineering technology*3030

For more information, contact the departmental coordinator, Mrs. Karine Evers.