Exchange programme 2021-2022 Business Economics Master (Erasmus a.o.)

Please take note that the available courses might be subject to change. The final study guide will be updated by 30th June, for the academic year afterwards. Changes to your learning agreement are allowed until one month after arrival at our institution.

Language of instruction: English

Students will only be admitted to courses if they meet the necessary prerequisites (check course descriptions!)

Master students are free to select bachelor courses

Academic calendar:

First semester = mid September - beginning February (exam period: January-February)

Second semester = mid February - end June (exam period: June)

2nd examination opportunity: August

Detailed academic calendar:

First semester 2021-2022

CodeSubject first semesterECTS
1682Open innovation in business and research *6
1685Entrepreneurial finance6
1706Quantitative economics6
1726Knowledge Discovery6
1953Time Series and Panel Data Analysis*3
1955Globalization in sustainable development3
2114Open innovation3
2143Business strategy (1)6
2144Marketing Research Methodology*6
2211Methods in Impact Assessment*6
2215International Financial Management6
2878Strategic marketing*3
2879Marktstrat simulation game*3
3523Cost-benefit analysis*6
3837Management control system6
3841Financial Risk Management6
3850Service Management*6
3857Leadership and Human Capital6
3867Supply Chain Strategy*6
3869Decision Making in Supply Chains(2)6
3907Managing Digital Transformation6

* this course has prerequisites

(1) not in combination with 3705 Strategic management

(2) prerequisites: knowledge of supply chains and quantitative methods

Second semester 2021-2022

CodeSubject second semesterECTS
1696Strategic innovation6
1697Strategic HRM6
1721Supply chain management*6
1732IT-governance, risk and compliance*6
2062Diversity, equality and inclusion in organizations6
2142International marketing*6
3179Empirical methods for finance and banking3
3513Sustainable tourism management (3)6
3750Economic policies for technological development6
3859Change Management6
3862Public entrepreneurship6

* this course has prerequisites

(3) Students who do not get assigned a case study by early March are not able to take part in the course

Year course 2020-2021

CodeSubject second semesterECTS
3527Capita selecta*3
3533Business process modelling*12

* this course has prerequisites

Contact person: Mrs. Els Welkenhuyzen