FRAME is an interdisciplinary research domain consisting of researchers in the arts and in (interior) architecture. We explore unconventional forms of knowledge gathering and transfer, which can lead to new frameworks for thinking about images. Images are interpreted broadly in this context. We are not just talking about paintings, drawings or photographs. Installations, sculptures, interiors, buildings, landscapes, literary texts, even metaphors and philosophical concepts are also considered crucial representations of reality, in other words, as visual art. The artistic practice itself is a substantial part of the research, as a form of thinking in and through images and spaces. FRAME consists of four lines: Collateral, Image Thinking, Passage and Visual Literacy.

(Picture: Goda Palekaité)

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Passage Project

Project Passage explores how literary non-fiction and creative-critical writing can be valid methods within artistic and cultural studies research, through different media and forms of expression. It lends its name to ‘Passage’, a peer-reviewed journal for autotheory and hybrid scholarship.

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Prof. dr. Kris Pint

Kris Pint
Head of research domain FRAME (ArcK)