Spatial Capacity Building

Spatial Capacity Building conducts research into how we can support collectives of citizens, local organizations and local and supra-local governments in jointly reflecting on spatial transformation processes that take place in their everyday environment in order to then start working on these processes with them. We do this mainly through action research, commissioned by local, regional and European governments. We always work together with partners in the field, such as design agencies.

Spatial Capacity Building Spatial Capacity Building

Team Spatial Capacity Building

Former team members 
Dr Sarah Martens
Dr Rudolf Perold
Dr Jessica Schoffelen
Dr Le To Quyen
Dr Mela Zuljevic
Dr Teresa Palmieri
Dr Roel De Ridder
Dr Teodora Constantinescu
Oksana Savchuk
Dirk Osinga
Dr Christian Nolf
Dr Simona Sofronie
Daniel Veestraeten
Maarten Wauters
Hannelore Goyens

Our research

De Andere Markt documents the projects and networks of the Spatial Capacity Building group.

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Prof. dr. ir. arch. Oswald Devisch

Oswald Devisch
Head of research domain Spatial Capacity Building

Stories of collaborations

arck_spcb_nz_Noord Zuid Participatie (Artikel)

Partners in innovation: Studio NZL


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