There is a growing need to deal with the built environment in a more sustainable way, not only when designing new buildings, but also when dealing with existing buildings. The aims of our research are to contribute to the scientific founding of sustainable architecture, and to support the decision-making process of architects and building owners towards more sustainable designs, especially with regard to use of natural resources. Contributing to a good life for all within the planetary boundaries is our mission, and we bring this into research practice by means of projects and PhDs on sustainable material use, circular economy, doughnut economics and (energy) sufficiency. Our research on sustainability is strongly embedded in our Building Beyond Borders platform.

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Our research

  • Website Sustainability
    This website gives an overview of our sustainability research and education.

  • Website Building Beyond Borders
    Building Beyond Borders is a cross-border learning platform to enhance knowledge and push action towards regenerative and distributive design and building processes. Learning for, from and with the world is our motto.

Prof. dr. ir. arch. Griet Verbeeck

Griet Verbeeck

Head of research Sustainability

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