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prof. dr. Wouter Maes

Wouter Maes En Team 001

Agoralaan Gebouw F, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

Full professor

Materials chemistry

Wetenschapstoren 27
Agoralaan Gebouw F, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium
Research centre

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Services & other collaborations

The DSOS group can offer comprehensive custom organic and/or polymer synthesis services to R&D institutes, companies, and industries. Custom synthesis projects are generally quoted at a fixed price with an estimate given of the likely timescale. Synthesis can be performed on-demand, based on procedures supplied by customers, or as described in the scientific literature, using either traditional batch or continuous flow methods. Alternatively, a custom-made design of new synthesis routes is offered. For industrial partners, design strategies for (conjugated) polymers with specific composition, functionality, and/or architectures can be developed, alongside feasibility studies on a laboratory scale. Besides the offered scientific services, we are always happy to engage in joint projects with external academic and/or industrial partners.

Next to the bilateral synthesis projects, our imo-imomec service unit has gathered vast expertise in materials and device characterization. The team is strongly multidisciplinary: chemists, physicists, and engineers are working together to support companies with their (R&D) challenges.


SPIE Photonics Europe 2022

Organic Electronics and Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices III (PE121), 3-7 April 2022, Strasbourg (France)

Conference chairs: Prof. K. Vandewal, Prof. S. Reineke, Prof. W. Maes

ICOE 2019

15th International Conference on Organic Electronics (ICOE2019): Hasselt - Belgium (24-28 June 2019)