Prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande

  • Emeritus professor at Hasselt University
prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande

em. prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande

prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande

Agoralaan Gebouw F, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium


Emeritus Professor

Dirk Vanderzande finished his PhD in 1986 under the supervision of Prof. G. Hoornaert (KU Leuven, Belgium). He moved to Hasselt University in 1987, was appointed Assistant Professor in 1992, and after a position as Associate Professor, he became Full Professor in 2000. From 2010 till 2022, he was appointed as Director of the Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec) at Campus Diepenbeek, a joint research institute of UHasselt and IMEC in the field of advanced materials. His research mainly focused on the synthetic and physical chemistry of conjugated polymers to be used as semiconductors in thin-film devices, e.g. organic solar cells. Since 2022, he is emeritus professor at Hasselt University.