dr. Paulius Pobedinskas

  • Research coordinator of the WBGM group
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dr. Paulius Pobedinskas

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Wetenschapspark 1, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

Researcher Coordinator

Paulius Pobedinskas is currently a research coordinator within the Wide Band Gap Materials research group, where in 2012 he obtained his PhD degree in physics on the sputter deposition and characterization of AlN thin films. Paulius’ background is in CVD diamond and III-V nitrides, synthesis and processing, structural and mechanical analysis of thin films, nanoscale physics and numerical modelling. He has experience in the deposition of polycrystalline diamond films on a wide variety of substrates. He has expertise in designing and developing photolithography process for diamond based devices. On the numerical modelling domain, Paulius has knowledge in finite element analysis. Since 2016, he is lecturing Hydrodynamics, and since 2020 Solid State Physics course at Universiteit Hasselt.

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