Economics & Public Policy (PEC)

The research group Economics & Public Policy (PEC) conducts economic research on government intervention. In particular, they examine the effectiveness and efficiency of policy measures. They do this by means of cost-benefit analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses. In addition, research is conducted into the impact of the quality of legislation (licensing procedures, administrative burdens, etc.) on the business climate in Europe.

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The research group Economics & Public Policy (PEC) of Hasselt University is part of the Department of Economics. Part of the research performed by the group focuses on evidence-based evaluation of public policies and programs. Another part of the research focuses on applied microeconomics, micro econometrics and law & economics. We strive to provide in-depth analysis of relevant issues at the intersection of economics and policy. Part of the research performed by the group serves as support to policy makers and businesses.

The group has four main research lines:

  • Regulation & Policy
  • Litigation & Crime
  • Public Finance
  • Health Economics

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All members of the research group PEC are, next to their research activities, intensively involved in the bachelor and master educational programs of the Faculty of Business Economics at Hasselt University. Four different educational programs at high academic level are offered: Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Engineering, and Business and Information Systems Engineering. Several of the courses in the four programs are coordinated by our research group's faculty members, with the assistance of PhD students, post-doc researchers and research associates.

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Collaborate with PEC:

  • Joint research projects
  • Scientific services or consultancy
  • Collaboration with the research group through bachelor and master theses or internships

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Prof. dr. Wim Marneffe