Research expertise

Research performed by PEC focuses on evidence-based evaluation of public policies and programs. Another part of the research focuses on applied microeconomics, micro econometrics and law & economics. We strive to provide in-depth analysis of relevant issues at the intersection of economics and policy. Part of the research performed by the group serves as support to policy makers and businesses.

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Regulation & Policy

This research line mainly focusses on the evidence-based evaluation of policy proposals and programs to support policy makers and business decisions. For this research, standard neoclassical evaluations and instruments (cost-benefit analysis, willingness-to-pay, etc.) and insights are applied and extended. The main focus lies on (regulatory) impact assessments and administrative simplification related topics.

The research group has a framework contract (2021-2024) with the Belgian federal government to conduct applied evidence-based policy research for all government agencies.

Research topics: administrative simplification, e-government, regulatory quality, electronic health records

Coordinator: Prof. dr. Wim Marneffe

Litigation & Crime

This research line focusses on empirical law and economics analyses of litigation and crime. Econometric tools (such as survival analysis, IV approaches and panel data methods) are applied to preferably detailed micro level data sets. Litigation applications are, for example, on settlement, duration of procedures and court efficiency. Examples of crime applications are judge sentencing behavior and criminal behavior.

Research topics: Dispute resolution, court delay & efficiency, judge behaviour, criminal behavior

Coordinator: Prof. dr. dr. Samantha Bielen

Public Finance

This research line exploits public financial management methods and insights to original topics such as social impact bonds, self-financing government agencies, vulture funds, etc.  The research groups also examines the mechanism between public debt and economic performance of countries and the sustainability of debt. Furthermore, the researchers examine the impact of tax reforms in Belgium.

Research topics: Public financial management, public debt and debt sustainability, tax reform

Coordinator: Prof. dr. Willem Vanlaer

Health Economics

This multidisciplinary line of research combines insights from law & economics, health economics and medicine. The research group has focused on medical malpractice and patient safety issues since 2011. Recently, an additional focus on more neoclassical health economics has been added. The research group has set up collaborations with multiple hospitals to assess the impact of digitalisation of (parts of) the healthcare process on medical outcomes, costs and patient experience.

Research topics: medical malpractice, value based healthcare, healthcare costs

Coordinator: Prof. dr. Wim Marneffe