Through our various teaching engagements, we transfer our accumulated knowledge from academic research directly to a broad target audience. This target group is quite diversified, as we are not limited to mainstream university students.

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Bachelors and Masters

All RCEF members are intensively involved in the bachelor and master educational programs of the Faculty of Business Economics at Hasselt University. Five different educational programs at a high academic level are offered:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Economics
  • Business Engineering
  • Business and Information Systems Engineering
  • Master of Management.


Beyond education that leads to bachelor and master degrees, the Faculty of Business Economics also offers training to PhD Students. Founded in April 2014, the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities has the goal to monitor the quality of doctoral research, create a stimulating research environment, and offer opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Throughout the entire doctoral trajectory, the doctoral school plays a supportive role by offering a rich curriculum. Examples of offered courses are academic English, effective scientific communication, career coaching, authentic networking, and using NVIVO for qualitative data analysis.

Expert education

The RCEF faculty are engaged in executive training programs related to a variety of knowledge domains, such as:

  • training programs that focus on "People Management and Leadership"
  • entrepreneurship training programs
  • Notarial Accounting
  • Patient Safety
  • Training Fire Brigade Officials