UHasselt Research on Innovative and Society-engaged Education

Research in the School of Educational Studies.

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What's in a name?

U-RISE stands for UHasselt Research on Innovative and Society-engaged Education. Our research is aimed at helping youngsters and teachers to rise, to grow, to learn… U-RISE is embedded within the School of Educational Studies.

  • Society-engaged: inclusive, sustainable, close to the field, co-creation, holistic
  • Innovative: interdisciplinary, moving with technology, activation, design-based

Different expertises

  • Pedagogical and didactic research

  • Subject-specific teaching methodology: U-RISE consists of a diverse team of researcher members of different faculties.
    • Business education
    • Health education
    • Science and technology education
    • Design sciences in education
      • learning environments: a holistic interpretation of learning environment, researching spatial affordances for movement, engagement, emotion regulation, wellbeing at school, etc. (Spatial and pedagogical, educational perspectives.)
      • design didactics, methodologies (e.g. Living Labs, Reference use, STEAM, …)
      • secondary versus higher education in design

  • Policy-supporting education research
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More than research

We also work together with engaged partners in projects, where research is not our first priority, such as

  • TalentenAcademie Limburg (TALim)
  • Voorsprongfonds
  • ...

U-RISE in figures

PhD students
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Katrien Struyven

Responsible research group