Co-creation Lab Education


Co-creative collaborations have previously shown added value in the search for innovative solutions. The goal of the Co-creation Lab Education project is to establish co-creative collaborations between education providers (school leaders, teachers, support staff), students, teacher educators and alumni, and regional players in the business and nonprofit sector to create a win-win situation for all parties. The different parties share their expertise and contribute to solve current civic issues and societal challenges. Cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, and innovative projects will be developed to enhance the education system. During this process, the translation to education is being considered so that the education sector can continue to rely on the projects, knowledge and creativity in the long term.

Keywords: living lab, lifelong learning, complementary expertise, co-creation, current needs, professionalization activities, communities of practice, learner control, wicked problems


Katrien Struyven

Project coordinator

Lotte Boosten

Project Employee


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