EURECA-PRO: The European University on Responsible Consumption and Production

In 2021, Hasselt University joined the EURECA-PRO Alliance. The major goal of EURECA-PRO is to be an educational core hub and an interdisciplinary research and innovation leader for responsible consumption and production of goods.


The universities listed below, along with Hasselt University, belong to the EURECA-PRO network:

Research within this network is clustered around five Lighthouse Missions (LH):

  • LH1: Responsible Material Flows
  • LH2: Environment and Water
  • LH3: Sustainable Materials and Products
  • LH4: Clean Energy
  • LH5: Process automation and Industry 4.0

Click here for more information on the various Lighthouse Missions. Further information on Research within EURECA-PRO can be found here.

EURECA-PRO mobility calls

The purpose of EURECA-PRO mobility calls is to facilitate and encourage mobilities in the context of research and innovation cooperation with EURECA-PRO partner universities. Click here for more information on the various types of mobility calls.