Principles constitution Research Council

The Research Council of Hasselt University is composed according to the following principles. The Research Council consists of:

  • the Vice-Rector for Research, (chairman);
  • two members per faculty, to be nominated by the Faculty Board;
  • one acting member to be appointed upon nomination by the Interfaculty School of Educational Studies, nominated by the Interfaculty School Board;
    with effect from the 2023-2024 academic year, appoint one acting member on the nomination of the Faculty School of Social Sciences, nominated by the Faculty School Board;
  • one member for each research institute and research center;
  • one acting member for the professional programs, nominated by the PXL.

The Director of the Office of Research, Library and Internationalization (OBI) attends the meeting in an advisory capacity.

The director of the Tech Transfer Office (TTO) may attend the meeting in an advisory capacity.